About Joanna

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    About Joanna

    Joanna is a full-time professional feng shui consultant, using Chue Style

    feng shui. This style encompasses all the most popular classical techniques – Form analysis, Eight House, Four Pillars Horoscopes, Flying Star, plus secret formulas based directly on the I Ching and passed on by Master Chue, the founder of this style.
    It is one of the most authentic and powerful styles, internationally recognized and practised, from a respected and long-standing tradition. Joanna graduated from the Imperial School of Feng Shui, taught by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, who is an acknowledged authority here and in Hong Kong. She is now a Graduate Member of the Chue Foundation.

    “My aim is to provide clients with practical methods for producing surroundings that promote vitality and success. I enjoy creating attractive and powerful feng shui changes in keeping with your decorating style and budget.

    I am  also an expert in managing change, and have been helping people to improve their personal and professional lives for over 25 years. My background is in teaching, counselling and healing.  I understand how people react to problems and opportunities, and  what sort of  support is most effective. My personal integrity and straightforward approach make me easy to understand and talk to.

    All information and Joanna Greenwaydiscussions involved in the consultation
    remain completely confidential unless you choose to share them. I am happy to talk through whether feng shui would be appropriate for you, and what might best suit your needs”.

    Joanna is also a Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultant,a qualified and experienced teacher, and her Beginners’ Course is accredited by the Feng Shui Society