The Feng Shui Of Gambling

Did you know that there is such a thing as the Feng Shui of gambling?

We all know the Feng Shui is a philosophical system that teaches you how certain energies should be positioned correctly to give you good fortune. Not only that, having balance in your location will help keep you in good spirits.

How Feng Shui and gambling are related

Feng Shui has come to be a lot in the modern world. In fact, this philosophy is used in business. After all, it is believed that this practice can help in three areas of your life: health, relationships, and prosperity. These three are important in helping you live a high-quality lifestyle.

The Feng Shui of gambling is basically about helping you be prosperous. It all has something to do with luck. Gambling is all about luck. While luck is supposedly something that you cannot control, Feng Shui is founded on the belief that you can manipulate your environment so good fortune will be more likely to come to you. In the past, the ancient Chinese use it to seek the best location for their home or grave. They also use it to make sure that their crops will not die. It is even used to design cities so it will be successful.

Based on these, you will know that Feng Shui is basically implying that you can do something about your position and your environment to make you lucky as you gamble. And if you do get lucky and win, you don’t have to stress with fast payouts. Just make sure you pick the right casino.

Do you think that makes sense? If you are desperate for a win, then you might want to pay attention to what Feng Shui of gambling has to suggest.

Popular Feng Shui myths about gambling

While none of these are scientifically proven, there are a couple of Feng Shui myths that are worth investigating. Some of them are quite specific to games.

For instance, when playing Poker, you need to change seats when the current one is not making you win any round. The best position, according to Feng Shui is towards the direction of the dealer. In case this still makes you lose, going to another table might help.

When it comes to Craps, the Feng Shui of gambling believes the when the dice is facing 7 when it is handed to a shooter, that is considered bad luck. If the dice bounces from a table, that is also not a good sign.

If you are playing Roulette games, the blowing of the dice (or kissing it!) is believed to result in a lucky throw. Crossing your fingers is also something that can help increase your luck.

Of course, these are all myths that you may or may not follow. But if you feel strongly about your belief of Feng Shui, it might be worth a try. Probably the changing of seats or the direction you are facing might influence your luck for the night.

Take note that Feng Shui is also considerate of the time. If you are not lucky today, no matter what you do, you will end up losing a lot. It probably pays to know a bit about Feng Shui to know when is the lucky day for you to go gambling.